General FAQ Questions

Can I look through my discard deck?


If a player power moves another player into an empty room, does that player get to use the room benefit?

Yes, immediately.

Can Lady Weirdwood portal from the Throne Room, once rescued?

No, she cannot portal when she is first rescued there (as she did not move into the room but was already there, and she did not participate in the battle that removed the last Scarabs). However, she can use that ability if moving into that room in the future, after being rescued.

How does “shifting rooms” work?

Whenever you are allowed to shift the position of rooms, you may select 2 rooms on the same ring and shift their positions, meaning Room A will be moved to Room B’s location and vice versa. Everything inside each room stays with it, and thus moves with the room to its new position.

During a Scarab Phase, do Scarabs enter rooms with a Rubble or Fire Tile?

No, the Scarabs will continue to move clockwise to the next open room that does not have a Rubble or Fire Tile.

How does spawning Scarabs (via rolling the room dice) work for Rubbled rooms and rooms on Fire?

When rolling the room dice to spawn a Scarab, if you roll a room that is Rubbled, roll the dice again until you roll a non-Rubbled room, and spawn the Scarab there (as nothing can enter a Rubbled room).

When rolling the room dice to spawn a Scarab, if you roll a room that is on Fire, do not spawn the Scarab at all (the Fire kills them instantly).

Fae Monster FAQs

Can players share the resource cost when casting the Summoning Spell from the Therus Withdraws card?

Yes, they may share the cost as they like on any player’s turn to cast the spell.

Do Scarabs stop a Fae Monster from moving through a room?

No, as Scarabs are allies of the Fae Monster, so they never interfere with each monster’s movement.

Can a Fae Monster spawn Scarabs in the Throne Room, when they are in that room and their Monster Card instructs them to spawn a Scarab in their current room?

Yes, but only if there is at least one empty space and there is a least one Scarab in the Throne Room already. No more Scarabs are ever spawned in the Throne Room once the players have fully cleared it.

How do I resolve the Chaos Ogre’s Forceful Shockwave card?

Roll dice the indicated dice according to the current Monster Strength. All players then must defend against any hits rolled. Players can only defend (they cannot attack the Ogre) and can count blocks from rolling their battle dice and any other sources of blocks they currently possess.

Does Therus’ Fae Blight Spell card blight the room if there are players in it?

No, it only Blights it if there are no players present.

Action Card FAQs

Can Magic Mirror copy a discarded card’s action?

No, only one of your cards currently in play face-up.

When using Magic Mirror to copy the action of a card with a cost, do you still have to pay that cost?


Can Oliver’s Savage Sketch card attack a Fae Monster when there are Scarabs in his room?

No, you must obey normal rules for attacking a Fae Monster and so in this case, you would have to attack the Scarabs guarding him in that room.

For Oliver’s Cleansing Rune of Power card, do I need to be in the room I cleanse?

No, you do not need to be in that room. You can cleanse any room in the manor.

How do I score Sekhmet’s Impart Deadly Wisdom Card when playing the Group XP variant?

This card scores 6 total XP on the Group XP Track.

For Sekhmet’s Slice and Dice card, if I reset cards with thestill on that card, do I lose that die?

Yes, if you do not use it in a battle before resetting cards, you must return that die to the game’s supply.

Can I use Wally’s With a little help from my… card to gift a Companion to Eugene?

No, Eugene can never have Companions.

Can Wally use the room ability of the room he is in, before getting moved to another room after using his Power Punch card?

No, he cannot. If  he hits a Scarab, the force of the blow is so sudden that he is thrown to another connected room before he can manage to use the current room (even if his Power Punch defeats all Scarabs there). However, he can use the ability of the room he moves to, if there are no Scarabs or Fae Monster there.