About Greyridge Games

Greyridge Games is an exciting new publishing company based on the West Coast of Canada which was founded in 2020 by Mike Cassie and Paul Pattison. Greyridge was born out of our love of tabletop games and our desire to bring new worlds, characters, and stories to tables everywhere—and our first game was Weirdwood Manor.

The world of Weirdwood Manor was created by Paul’s other company Wasabi Entertainment in 2015 and they later published an award-winning app in that world, aimed at kids (and young-at-heart adults!). We called it a “living novel”; a mix of fantastic story-telling, interactive adventure, and puzzles and games! Volume 1, the original app, began the story and Volume 2 was published in 2023.

The success of our app led us to publish a Weirdwood Manor book trilogy by Newbery Honor-winning author Christian McKay Heidicker. It tells the incredible adventures of some of the characters from the board game as they fight to preserve the delicate balance between the Real world and the Fae world.

After such a beloved response to the apps and books, it was an easy choice to set our first tabletop game in that world. Weirdwood Manor funded on Kickstarter in May of 2023, with over 5000 backers and half a million dollars pledged, and to early rave reviews in the board game world (ComicBook.com called it “an absolute home-run!”). Weirdwood Manor is now set to deliver to retail markets around the world in 2024 as Greyridge works on expansion content for the game, and our next new games.

Greyridge Games apps and books

Our Founders

Mike Cassie headshot

Mike Cassie

Mike Cassie has almost 30 years experience in product, game, and UX/UI design, and has been involved in helping build several successful companies. An avid video game player since getting his first Atari 2600 at age 10, he later fell in love with modern board games in 2009 and began designing games soon thereafter.

Paul Pattison headshot

Paul Pattison

Paul Pattison is the co-creator of the Weirdwood Manor universe and the co-founder of Relish Studios. He has been producing and developing film, digital media, and games for 20 years and has worked with brands such as YTV, Teletoon, Nickelodeon, and Mattel.

Behind The Scenes Of How It All Started

Want to know more about how Mike came to design board games? How Greyridge first started? See behind the scenes to see how a board game comes into being? Well, you can!

We decided we’d film the our project right from the beginning! You can follow the journey of our designer Mike Cassie and the rest of the Greyridge team as we negotiate the unpredictable road of making our idea for a board game into a reality!

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